Tuesday, November 15, 2005

when he didn't call

For about a 100 nights
Dreams weren���t in sight
Nothing felt quite right
For about a 100 nights.

And all that mattered
Lay half shattered
My mind to battered,
to care.

Because about a 100 nights ago,
When the moon was just as low
First time I got to know,
What it is to love.

Now a 100 nights have passed,
Since I���ve had to ask
If what we were doing,
was right.

And in that low moon light,
As he trembled and shook so slight,
He took me.

And now a 100 nights later,
I don���t feel any better,
And nothing else matter.

I want him to show
What he did a 100 nights ago.
I want him to know,
What I dint say a 100 nights ago.


L>T said...

Wow! that sounds like a song.

uglygirl said...

noone thought much of it i suppose.
i wrote it in 2000. only one that rhymed.

boomshak said...

You know what...

Simply Gorgeous...!!