Monday, November 07, 2005

Once there was a guy

Once there was a guy, whom I first saw through a half-opened window. The window opened into a corridor. And he was walking the length of the corridor. Over the next year or so I saw him in various states of dress(and undress) but can tell exactly what he wore on that day (this maroon bulky sweater, faded black jeans and an attitude that said ���yeah well this is my corridor but you can walk on it all you want, I don���t care���.)
And...And well I looked outside this window, saw him, and was completely in love. It took just 3 seconds and he passed by. But within that time we had already made eye-contact, and he knew that I was in love with him. He did not reciprocate that love right there and it was eventually established that he was incapable of reciprocating my love,For ��在ecause��安ell! I don���t know why he couldn���t love me back, though all the time realizing that nobody would love him more, ever, than I did. We lasted 6 months. The 6 months ended exactly 2 years and 7 months ago. Now,I am trying to unlove him. And he is trying to be my friend.


serendipiduous said...

Once there was a girl who would choose to let go and then pine for those gone...

Siddharth said...

Initially there were seven sexes.
Two of which were never born.
Another two were never concieved to be born.
The next two accidentally hybridized to form the Female and Male.
And the seventh one became an

dreamyeyes said...

I wish you'd get over him, atleast now. It's been ages babes, and he doesn't even realise what all he'll be missing by loosing you. i know cause i've known you long enough to know you are a treasure.

uglygirl said...

siddharth: why do you say that?
when runa read it out last night, i just stopped in my process of thinking, for sometime i could not get it out of my head.
why would you say that?

Siddharth said...


I do not remember.
And if I think.
I wont find any reasons.

Except that
a few words yearn to be close
and what I do is just that I dont stop them from doing so...

But was anything offensive

uglygirl said...

no tukun daa it was just a wonderful way of saying what you meant (or what i think you meant)

and what did you mean when you said "woman i owe you so much" or sthing like that.

Siddharth said...

your words were beautiful, and when I thought you are a woman,
I said that.
Imagine beauty without women