Sunday, April 14, 2013

My sweetest love

Your smooth skin is calling out to me. The skin on the neck. The skin around the armpit. The skin around your nipples and the skin on your…

I fear what I was scared of has come to pass. I can no longer stay without you and be happy. I want to be wrapped up in your arms, I want to be buried in your chest and I want you to be buried within me. Deep. Locked together for a long long time.

Let’s live in a forest. In a hutment but all by ourselves. The canopy overhead covering us from all. We could nurture plants from saplings and call them our baby…or we could make some…in the dense forest under trees. Mark the space with our love and lust. We could go around marking every tree in the forest with our lust and love and our laughter together, and your tenderness and your sweetness and concern, with my patience at your antics, with our silences together and our moans and our groans (yours when my mouth hovers at your minefields).

Let’s live on the beach. In the space made by a half-over-turned, once loved now forgotten boat. We could crouch together, each needing much less space than what we had previously estimated instead melting into each other till one couldn’t say you apart from me. And on the beach, we don’t fret this melding of identities, instead we gaze into the sea, lying half in it - half out of it and we make love incessantly…with our bodies, with our voices, our eyes and eventually someday with our souls. One day we could take that boat to sea and float away, living in nature as part of nature.

Let’s live in the mountains. On some generic rainy hill top, amongst resilient trees and goats and dogs who deal with the rain like a boss. We could find an abandoned old colonial bungalow and share the upstairs with our friend the pregnant black dog. We could lead whimsical lives orchestrated by us. We could walk to old-worldly places like the Milk depot clutching our umbrellas wearing gumboots and splish-sploshing in the rain. One ratty old umbrella and two happy us. Quaint little unknown town we could make our own and stay. Together forever.

Or we could just…