Tuesday, October 31, 2006

this winter

And I hang on to your shirt sleeves
Shirt sleeves -- Heart sleeves
I hang on to your heart sleeves
And the cloth of your newness
Warms me
Excites me
As we speed by life
Or something almost like life,
In our freewheeling wheels
Which will last the 1446 hours
Of this winter.
I will hang on till the seams give up.
Seams of your shirt sleeves,
Seams of your heart sleeves,
I will hang on till the seams give up,
I will hang on till summer,
Whichever comes early this year.

Monday, October 30, 2006

when you hurt me

fat little raindrops fall from my soul,
and collect somewhere
in the the crevices
of your skin and flesh.

and you hit me last night,
hard and surreptitious
and i watched with awe
the cold silent fist
making contact with my virgin lips.

the puddle of my sadness
creeps through the floor i sit on.
and you sit closeby.
just as wet
just as hard
and i watch with awe.

She died not

Heart beats.

And hurts,

But Its now a habit,

All those memories,

Kill them, I say

Obliterate them

So cruelly my brain separates us

And yet bits of you persist within

And you speak out from inside me

My heart and its beats

And you speak from

My teary eyelids

My mangled wrists,

My blue blue skin,

And still you speak

From within.

It’s strange that Am alive

Even without you.

It hurts all over and

Its difficult breathing

And I cry out for a drag of breath

And I die again,

But living is such a habit

You seem to be with me

In the darkest dawns

And I can’t seem forget you.

Oh but I will

For living is such a habit

And you are with me in

Brightest nights,

And I smell you in me

And you are dead,

I wish I were too

But life is such a habit,

And I live.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

the last virgin

The carpet smells of almonds I think,

I sneeze.

The hairs on my neck rise and touch

The rough ceiling of this room,

Things are too close and I scream in my head.

And this room closes in on me.

I flex my fingers and trying pushing it all out.

My fingernails break the windowpanes.

I smell blood.

And like it.

I am tied.

The ropes cut into me.

It hurts,

And I like it.

This tiny room which manages to encompass me

Is my life this afternoon.

And I like it.

I wait.

I sweat in anticipation.

My mouth waters.

I hear movement in the next room,

I prick my ears up.

I wait,

And I like it.