Friday, August 26, 2005

why is this called what it is

almost all the time i feel that it is unfair to get generalised and/or categorised because of sex. sometimes it just doesn't work that way. women feel like 'men' and men feel like'women', and there should be no excuses for such behaviour, no one should be questioned for such seemingly unlikely behaviour. all those of us, who sometime dont fit in with the world's classification of us, let's not change ourselves, let's change the world.

my first stab at anonymity

i just wanted a place wherin i could save my poems, and perhaps have a few people read them. that's the plan for now. let's see.

and i watched from the peephole to paradise,
as they bathed in dark pools,
black water running down
their black back,
pulled me from hell to a place more convoluted,
and i welcomed it,
for lust has its own charm.