Friday, August 26, 2005

my first stab at anonymity

i just wanted a place wherin i could save my poems, and perhaps have a few people read them. that's the plan for now. let's see.

and i watched from the peephole to paradise,
as they bathed in dark pools,
black water running down
their black back,
pulled me from hell to a place more convoluted,
and i welcomed it,
for lust has its own charm.


Sharanya Vemu said...

Nice one , where are u from ?

uglygirl said...

Time Upon A Once

Sing a song of suicide,
A pocket full of lies.
Four and twenty reasons
To forever close your eyes.
When your wrists were opened,
The world began to fade.
Wasn't that a dainty death;
Blood on a razor blade?
The clock ticked on decisively,
Counting out your minutes.
The stereo fell silent;
The song, like you, was finished.
Blood spilled on the bathroom floor,
Staining red your clothes.
Too late, when you had regrets,
But that's the way it goes.

( This is not my creation. a friend emailed it to me, though she did not write it either.)