Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Would you know this about me?

Have not lived away from family for more than 15 days …in my life.

I love my father.

Yesterday was the first day I stayed alone at home.

Am capable of handling a lot…more than I thought I could. Yesterday, the lock on my main door got stuck and we had to break open the door…which took 1 hour. And my dog was stuck inside the house…awwww.

I am completely capable of taking care of home and myself And Can cook well enough to sustain life…..mine and my dog’s.

Still can be brutally honest and Ears still go hot as I prepare to be mean.

I had jaundice recently and have lost a lot of weight and vomited 50 times in a week.

I think I am ready to get married.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who makes the same mistake twice?

I punch hard into thin air and fall on my face

Beauty warm beauty is now all muddy

And nobody gives me a hand

And I pretend that it’s all fine

And prepare to go back to my glass palace

Doll’s house friends call it.

I knock at my window and the whole house breaks down

Someone threw the second stone

And I punch again and this time I don’t fall

Who makes the same mistake twice?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

we roam the streets

Factories of dreams are now controlled by these one armed men
So you and I now dream the same dream
And we walk the same streets every night
And the street lamps know us
For In groups of 76 we roam the streets
But pretend
For they have promised to keep our secret too.
So we roam the little blind alleys
The lanes now a part of a poor man’s home
And we roam the streets as if in a silent vigil
In groups of 76 we roam the streets
And pretend it’s just a nightly stroll
Pretend we don’t know what the others are doing.
But we dream the same dreams
The same one armed dreams
And wake up on the same foot path
And we go back home and pretend again.
Old beggars sigh with relief and reclaim their space.
And smile for they know our dreams
And the shame the one armed men bring to us every night.