Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Would you know this about me?

Have not lived away from family for more than 15 days …in my life.

I love my father.

Yesterday was the first day I stayed alone at home.

Am capable of handling a lot…more than I thought I could. Yesterday, the lock on my main door got stuck and we had to break open the door…which took 1 hour. And my dog was stuck inside the house…awwww.

I am completely capable of taking care of home and myself And Can cook well enough to sustain life…..mine and my dog’s.

Still can be brutally honest and Ears still go hot as I prepare to be mean.

I had jaundice recently and have lost a lot of weight and vomited 50 times in a week.

I think I am ready to get married.


Nags said...

hey, have tagged u in my blog :) take it away

L>T said...

Hi! that's the most i ever heard you talk about your self. :)

besides in poetry of course.

Get married!? wow!

incognito said...

marry me.. marry me!!! ;)

Nazu said...

hehehe. Married?! Blogging is not the way to go about it... you should put a amtrimonial in the papers!

uglygirl said...


been there done that.