Thursday, March 01, 2007

i was tagged by nags

3 things you should know about the no. 3Always eat 3 rotis/chapatis/parathas… 2 is too little 4 too much.
My memory begins when I was almost 3 years old.
I have 3 Fahrenheit tees which I bought in a pack of 3...peach, grey and navy blue.

3 things that scare me:
Plane crashing with me or my family in them
That I will never get pregnant.

3 people who make me laugh:Pranav my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

3 things I love:The colour orange
Power cuts so the whole family can sit together and talk.

3 things I hate:Shallow people who lie to themselves
Dry skin

3 things I don't understand:
Quantum physics…..umm...Even elementary physics
Why people delude themselves
How racists and homophobes and other discriminators live with themselves.

3 things on my desk:Lot of orangey yellow things……had balloons for a long time
A statuette of an African woman carrying 2 kids
A witch’s hat

3 things I'm doing right now:When and how and to whom will I get married
The times I spent with Pranav and how they were the end of childhood and are my first memories of adulthood.
About how much money I can save at the end of this year.

3 things I want to do before I die:Have a daughter
Create my own family and its fables
Buy my own house

3 things I can do
Write gorgeous letters
Type moderately fast with 4 fingers….sorry mavis beacon

3 things you should never listen to:
Religious preaching…of any religion……..long enough and you will start believing them
Music too loud…I get migraine
Anyone you don’t respect.

3 things I'd like to learn:Painting
And cooking

3 fav. foods:Momo s
Potoler dorma
Magi………also anything with cheese on it,

3 beverages I drink regularly:Soy milk
Tender coconut

3 TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:The butterfly island on star plus
G.I. Joe
Small wonder…also the wonder years.

3 people I tag:Tupai
and lt

If they still read the blog that is.


L>T said...

hello Darl'in, I'll do your tag on my blog. :)

L>T said...

tag is done, come look :)

incognito said...

Tag done!!

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serendipiduous said...

i hate u :(

medusa said...

i cant belive you tagged me
this is the fist time i came near anyone's blog in a month and more.
so yeah, thy wish and so on and so forth