Monday, September 22, 2008

My life (for my premankur)

And what kind of dream is that

Purple turtles

Turning into a rich lady’s wrinkles

Crows tapping a tune on her face

My summertime quilt freezing me

And before I wake up I dream a dream

And what kind of dream is that.

My happier friends back home

Happier, gaier, Caffeine-addicted.

Defy age and march on

And what kind of dream is that

The young yet cynical insides

Turn out to the first wrinkle

and wake up to a middleage.

And what kind of dream is that

Silly girls play with helium still

And love turns into ‘Ok’

Passion into nonchalance

And what kind of dream is that

Life carries on step by step

Soul-mate turns to cinder

July turns into autumn

And what kind of dream is that

And what kind of dream is this?




Thursday, September 04, 2008

time is moving
only too slow
and my intestines rot
with every passing minute
without work

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Orange blossoms cling onto my morning skin. My very intelligent dog  lies, panting after a walk with her father, my father. My mother is trying to time the tea, so as to coincide with my coming out of the bath. My sister enjoying the sleep i awoke from. My extremely disgusting cabmate gives a missed call. Orange blossomed haze helps me refocus. Till i reach work and the day begins to unravel.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Greener Grass on the other side

Mowed down by dirty kids

Heavy clouds have moved over

My house glows of the evil within.

kiss the girls

Pink stairway to Shelob’s lair.

Paved with honey and milk

Glazed with 1000 prisoner hair

Rose red blood downs made of silk

Shelob, mighty Shelob walks on knives

its sharp edge pulling closer the dirty net

1000 pretty milk maidens mock their own lives

With dead eyeballs brushed under the carpet.