Friday, October 06, 2006

the last virgin

The carpet smells of almonds I think,

I sneeze.

The hairs on my neck rise and touch

The rough ceiling of this room,

Things are too close and I scream in my head.

And this room closes in on me.

I flex my fingers and trying pushing it all out.

My fingernails break the windowpanes.

I smell blood.

And like it.

I am tied.

The ropes cut into me.

It hurts,

And I like it.

This tiny room which manages to encompass me

Is my life this afternoon.

And I like it.

I wait.

I sweat in anticipation.

My mouth waters.

I hear movement in the next room,

I prick my ears up.

I wait,

And I like it.

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L>T said...

awesome! awesome! awesome!