Monday, October 30, 2006

when you hurt me

fat little raindrops fall from my soul,
and collect somewhere
in the the crevices
of your skin and flesh.

and you hit me last night,
hard and surreptitious
and i watched with awe
the cold silent fist
making contact with my virgin lips.

the puddle of my sadness
creeps through the floor i sit on.
and you sit closeby.
just as wet
just as hard
and i watch with awe.


Solan said...

after a long long time, it has been something other than just the imagery of women loving each other. Though true that this poem too has its shades of love, but its beautiful to see the pain...
love you!

uglygirl said...

had written it just know what!
i republished it to fit the pic.
i loooooooooooooooooooove the
i would not have before naa?

murali said...

The way you write is very natural and realistic.

Being a tech not much into writing but am unable to stop myself from appreciating is simply great.

murali said...

Love and pain go together. Life is about love, love is about pain, and pain and love make life make excellent.

Love cures pain and love is a pain. Where love is, pain is never far away. Love will fill your heart, break your heart, and heal the heart that’s broken.

The pain and love will 'cycle out.' Love is the making of ever-more-complex connections. Pain comes from breaking connections.

This is for you.....

Solan said...

awwwwwwwww. love it toh!

L>T said...

you know I love it!

uglygirl said...

thanks murali

thank you solan

thank you lt "i love you"