Tuesday, November 29, 2005

afternoon classes

I sit behind you
and watch
that part of your neck,
you like me to bite.
that part of you,
that i perhaps can claim,
but which doesn't belong to me,
so i suffer,
and you suffer.
for we are the same.
a cause for celebration,
a cause for seperation.
so we sit this way,
far apart.
though you are now thinking of my teeth
as i am of your neck


jm said...

good one! you've brought up something that many think about in an afternoon class, but few have expressed..

Solan said...

thats I again say really a good one.
I am to begin Mahasweta..
love you!

mizfit said...

ummm...reminds me tof that incriminating evidence u left on my neck once. the one that because of which my sister knew that i was 'different'.

L>T said...

Shona girl, another lovely sexy poem. You are a Queen.

Anonymous said...