Monday, November 14, 2005


I watched parineeta at last today, that to I missed the first 30 mins, but it was ok. Parineeta, means a grown woman, or simply a woman, as opposed to a girl, I guess. It was written by sharat Chandra Chatterji. I read the book when I was bout 13, and fell in love with his stories. Well they are making a comeback I guess, DEVDAS, and now this. WELL! The film was nice and I loved the songs, especially the one in which they make love (I usually say have sex, but they just showed a few body parts and looked like they were making love). And I am like when will I? I actually even shed some tears (that could be cos dad refused to order food from outside, twice in two days)
But I am like obsessed with love and sex. Help!
Is there no one?
Do no body find moi a lil bit attractive?


L>T said...

Oh, you're fishing again! Of course, you know we all love you the way you are.
But, I bet this is not what you are fishing for.
Good luck!! Hope you land a big one.

uglygirl said...

thank you darling!
you are a sweet heart!yduimnqt, thats my word verification! ugh! spam is better!

L>T said...

What i was thinking? When I wrote those lines they popped into my head & I dashed them off. I think it's because I am opening up my soul to myself & examining my dual nature or the conflict of my good nature & my selfish one. Make sense?

L>T said...

it's very weird, poetry. I always thot you had to set down & nibble a pen for a while. It is not like that. Also, I am very enchanted by my India friends. What good writers & so friendly and soulful.
it seems every one i meet is a poet