Monday, November 28, 2005

Safe Sex

A Tamil Nadu court issued a non-bailable warrant against noted actress Khushboo for her non-appearance in connection with legal proceedings over her remarks on pre-marital sex. A few weeks ago, film actress Khushboo said, in the context of a survey conducted by a magazine on sex and the single woman, that an educated man these days should not expect his bride to be a virgin.
Pre-marital sex is a reality and nobody can deny its existence in our society. Khushboo, to increase AIDS awareness, said that pre-marital sex being common, safe sex becomes very important. After mentioning that pre-marital sex is getting common, hit the public sentimentsAccording to one study, the world over boys and girls lose 'it' before they turn 18. The Indian average approaches 20. That is not so bad considering that the average Indian has sex only 75 times a year as against the world average of 103, according to the same survey.
In any case, both DPI and PMK were quick to perceive offence, and held several, often incendiary, protests against Khushboo. Their educated view was that Khushboo's words set ablaze the modesty of Tamil womanhood. Despite the actress apologizing for the remark, the women's wing of PMK in Chennai and five women advocates in Tiruchirappalli filed separate cases against her. A few days ago, Khushboo was granted bail in the more drastic of the cases. Khushboo must be relieved. But the people she had in a moment of dare spoken up for, women who did not set much store by their virginity and thought not twice about losing it before they tied the knot, must worry. For the new Indian woman, life before marriage is not as straight or easy to explain as it was for her mother or grandmother.


L>T said...

Wow! U. girl that is amazing for me to comprehend. What is going to happen to the poor woman? Who are these groups of people against her? What is their motivation? Political or moral?

L>T said...

Is your country becoming increasingly fundamental in it's politics? Or has it always been this way?

uglygirl said...

as far as i know it is political!
Also in india, women are worshipped as goddesses. khushboo has a temple dedicated to her!, but they cant speak out on topics like sex, and suggest(quite trutyhfully)that pre-marital sex is prevalent. women perhaps shouldn't talk of the mechanics of safe sex.
I fell most countries are getting more fundamental than how they started out :(

mizfit said...

y did she have to apologise? why did sania mirza have to revoke her statement? because India strives on hypocricy. that's y! its a shame. this makes me bitter against this beautiful country.

L>T said...

I see a conflict of you younger more worldly educated children (or young adults) w/the traditional veiws of your elders & the uneducated. Because you see more of the worlds veiws i.e. more of humanity as a whole or a broader veiw, and this becomes frustrating for you. Do you girls & guys think this is true?
Also the U.S. is becoming more fundemental in a right-wing Christian sense, that mans law has become moral. What the current status Quo calls illigeal they also say is immoral. Do you understand? I will have to think more on this.
It is a disturbing trend in the world for those of us who see the cruelty & lack of humanity.

uglygirl said...

my mom thinks it is not ok to have pre-marital sex, but also realises that everybody is having sex anyway, thus saying its againest culture is hypocrisy, which any rational human will realise. but i feel it is just too political, all this. sex can not be controlled by culture.(read culture in place of religion with respect to india)

uglygirl said...
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L>T said...

I have a feeling certain people in the world think they can control behavior by controlling fornication. Ridicluos, because the world never goes backwards only forward. Banning sex is not a solution. Esp. when advertising & movies push SEX. into our faces all the time.
I put a basket of condoms in my sons room when he turned 16. All his friends were coming over all the time to 'borrow' them.
They would of had sex anyway. But, I feel I kept them safe. I filled the basket a few times.
I don't know what the other parents were thinking, but i talked to the kids & i knew they were doing it.
Now that my son & daughters are 20+, they are thankful I was looking out for them. No AIDS, No UNWANTED pregnacys.