Monday, November 21, 2005


In the beginning, Barty Crouch was in the room with Voldemort. That didn't happen in the book at all but I guess this was used to make it easier, and remove a lot of explanation about imperious curses and all. Also no Winky, so Barty was a free man, thus free to go and come as he desired.Dobby and Winky (along with the whole SPEW subplot) were complete cut from the movie. So what will they do bout it in the next book? With dobby and Winky and the room of requirement thing happens. Oh! They are going to kill Winky completely I guess. Even then, things would have been funny with spew!

I like the old one much better. Dumbledore is supposed to be cool, and not so hot and bothered and impressive. I mean he is supposed to impress without trying. I mean Dumbledore can get a room quiet by just raising his hand and does not have to scream.

The Hungarian horntail remains chained, and that whole chase thing doesn���t happen.
They cut out the Blast Ended Skrewts! I
t was never revealed that Rita Skeeter is an Animagus. How are they going to incorporate the story she writes about Harry in The Quibbler in Order of the Phoenix?
Viktor Krum is supposed to be ugly.
Beaxbatons and Durmstrang are not single-sex schools.
They cut out all visits to Hogsmede, they cut out Sirius except for fire place scene.The Trio visited him several times in his cave in Hogsmeade (in the book) how are they going to show his importance to harry in the next movie?

but most importantly, when harry discovers crouch's body, he rushes to dumbledore and then enters pensieve, and doesn't bother telling anyone anything and nobody asks him anything either?
how come?



mizfit said...

listen babe, i'm back to deviantcore and also managed to do waht u asked me to do with my blog.miss u n nishant immensly.

medusa said...

Ug, am sorry, but this comment or whatever is for mizfit. i totally like ur blog and etc, but i cant coment ocz it is restricted to tam members only, i thot i wd let ya know.
and UG, thanks a ton for spillingall the beans, i have managed to studiously void the rest of the gang for the past three days, but had to be assaulted by you?
no hard feelings tho.