Thursday, November 24, 2005

The girl with no shadow
Comes to haunt my dreams
The girl with no voice
Sings in my ear a song,
And a little girl is lost
The little girl is me
I wander from bed to bed
Searching for my sleep,
But my dreams are now haunted,

And a soundless tune stuck in my head


boomshak said...

she might not say
she might not sing
give her a way
dont hurry a thing
be happy that she walks
dont worry 'bout the song
unlike void talks
she'll be there long
like you she strolls
like you she's alone
like you she calls
like you... all gone
no one to reply
but her own voice back
another hopeful cry
again words crack
she feels there's a gap
that's why it's so sore
give her your lap
and she'll haunt no more
don't be too hard
she's just like sand
she'll be there for you
just... stretch your hand

voodo said...

well well well...didnt expect so much poetry spewing through the fissures of this blog.
nice but a little too impressive perhaps

uglygirl said...

well at times, it rhymes!

mizfit said...

ur poems r very nice but also very dark. i guess i know why.

boomshak said...

guess i missed a rhyme right there...

boomshak said...

and oh... what is impressive... sorry i am ignorant of metalanguage...

medusa said...

Mizfit, where is FTM? and where has ur blog disappeared?

L>T said...

hi mizfit, hope your journey is going well. Uglygirl, Love the quotes. Here is one for you:

Every day a little death,
In the parlor, in the bed,
In the curtains, in the silver,
In the buttons, in the bread.
Every day a little sting,
In the heart & in the head.
By, Stephen Sondheim (1930- )

L>T said...

P.S. Not trying to be morbid just find it ironicly(sp) humorous.
B0oMsHanK, Metalanguage? not in my big dictionary. Do you mean 'meta' as changed; as in metamorhposis?

boomshak said...

metalanguage is the language which talks about 'language' itself... here-poetic language...

Was just wondering what 'a little too impressive is...'