Wednesday, November 30, 2005


so this is how hope dies,
someone mistakes it for love,
gets angry,
stamps it,
and kills it.
this is how love dies i guess,
someone sees it as a curb,
takes a knife,
and wounds it,
love bleeds to death,
and now with no hope
and no love,
someone is very upset.


medusa said...

someone, however, liked it

mizfit said...

make that two who really liked it! ciao babes

Solan said...

perhaps the last line can be editted, still its good.
saying that just on a literary level, otherwise its good the way it is.

L>T said...

ouch! U.girl, tragic. the visual effects of the poem, very compelling.

having trouble with life said...

check my blog.

uglygirl said...

i love the last line only.
the last line is the essence of the poemlet.
i guess you dint get it!