Friday, November 25, 2005


Ok so you like pretty. Ok so you like fair.
It���s a personal thing, but so not fair.
���Oh god you���re looking so dark���
Wanna tell them, I don���t give a fuck.

���Eat what you like, wear what others like���
Wonder what frigging assholic shit came up with that.
���Don���t cut your hair��� the women at the parlour says,
���Your long hair is so pretty���

She doesn���t get that am ok with ugly.
Am ok. Am ok am so ok.
I can face the mirror fine.
My pretty ugly face.
Pretty ugly!

Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
All the men chant.
No no hear that!
They accuse.
All men,
Especially the pretty ones.

Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
All the women chant.
No no hear that!
They do.
Now you are the ugliest in the group!
Yes! YES!



boomshak said...

dark or fair
alone or pair
cut or not my hair
you return my looks with a glare
after thinking a lot in spare
about how you fare
I say loud and clear
Not a damn do i care

Chill out girl.. Wear your attitude... Now where was that... O yes... Weekender...

Stop writing in World War II code... You know what I am talking about...

L>T said...

That was good, freedom poem.

mizfit said...

i've faced that,"don't cut ur hair. u look pretty with long hair" and the eternal commenet,"u've got such lovely hair. don't cut it short." AAARRRGGGHHH!!! i know what u mean!

L>T said...

I like the fuck you poem. I would like to say it to some people in my life, but good manners(?) won't allow.

L>T said...
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dreamyeyes said...

Sweetheart to me you'll always be an amazing person with or without hair, head or body. and you know that. take care and don't go crazy.