Wednesday, November 16, 2005


She lies on my eyelids,
like once only sleep did.
And now she is inside of me,
like once only I could be.
If you came by, you wouldn���t know the difference.
She doesn���t speak to strangers.
All you would see is me sitting alone.
While I clutched her in my palms,
And in my shut eyes,
And I my mouth,
And in all those parts of me,
Where she now lives


serendipiduous said...

and what does one do to wake her up ???

uglygirl said...

she is not asleep really. alive and aroused within me she lives.

serendipiduous said...

and sucks up all ur energy...waiting for the day to take over...the frenzied girl!!!

Bhakti said...

The girl in the photo is married to Ahmet Zappa...if it's who I think it is. There's no escaping Frank, is there???

uglygirl said...

um... Selma Blair i know, not any zappas

Frida said...

Zappa family is strange but in a groovy musican way.

As always I love your poems.

mizfit said...


Bhakti said...

Uglygirl--yes,yes--Selma Blair is married to Ahmet Zappa...Frank's son, and Dweezil's younger brother.

She is very beautiful...Ahmet is rather unique looking himself.

Bhakti said...

p.s. one of my readers designed me a new profile picture. Don't you like the four arms! Very Lakshmi, don't you think?

Bill Jones, Jr said...

I really liked this one.

boomshak said...

Is every single thing in this world not trying to lose energy--basic physics--and come to rest.

The tranquility of creation is beyond finicks...

Go girl... go with the pen...!!
Come out of everything else...!!