Thursday, November 03, 2005

All During Diwali

I was talking to this girl, about six years younger than me. And she and I were both eyeing this other girl, about her age. And I asked my friend if she likes women and so easily she replied with a yes. My young friend just wants to experiment and it is nice that young people in India and Hyderabad nonetheless are able to put things this way without fearing judgment. Of course! It was only me and people are always coming out to me cos I seem to have no apparent morals. And about my sexuality, I have this ���ask, will tell��� policy and am constantly coming out, and what good does that do? As a liked, if not popular figure in some circles, it is good to be out thus in a way encouraging younger persons to talk to me about their feelings and abolishing shame attached to homosexuality. And showing that good friends will be so no matter what!

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