Thursday, November 03, 2005

long dusty corridors

On the windowsill of my memories,
The print of your fingers will remain.
And your touch, once wholly mine,
Will haunt me on cold lonely nights.

And now dark long dusty corridors
Of my memories,
Will have you seated on a wicker chair.
And its night still and I am touching your feet.
My fingers not daring to go further.

And it was cold then, and you pulled away

(this girl had once broken my heart, and i had pined for days and had written this poemlet. the corridor and the chair still remain but i dare not look that way for fear it will hurt my heart)


Georgiapeach said...

Girl you do not skip a day. I can't even keep up. I have a lot of reading to do. I'll be back. I did like this poem by the way.

medusa said...

ok, i wanted to post this comment on the "am i a lesbian" post, but then figured you might not read it, and so decided to comment here itself.
the problem with the bisexual position is that politically right now no other position is available to the likes of us, it is either homo or hetero. but that doesnt mean that bisexuality does not exist. the lady who betrayed her homophilic sentiments should try and look into the diaries of a bisexual person, growing up bisexual may not be half as traumatic as a homo growing up, but it nevertheless exists and in its own rights. so be proud to be bi, and own up to it. there are anyway too few of us.

uglygirl said...

Ok, so i know who you are. Ok?