Monday, October 24, 2005

Why do I call myself ���uglygirl���?

In my university library, (which is perhaps the biggest library in the country in its category), while searching for Shaw���s plays and Shakespeare���s plays, I found this brand new book, clearly American, called ���big mouth and ugly girl���. It was a story based on the contemporary American school system post columbine. This guy who is a class joker says something, very casually and obviously joking about blowing up the school, and somebody reports him to the police, and FBI come to school to take him for questioning. Then this girl, Ursula, who is the captain of the girls��� basketball team, and is 6ft tall and is called the big girl(we don���t know if she is heavy, she doesn���t care bout weight), testifies on his behalf, cos she was there in the cafeteria when this guy had been shooting his mouth. These two get close and then start going around. It is very realistic, how their relationship starts.

Ursula isn���t really ugly, but she doesn���t fit in the beautiful either. She calls herself uglygirl, so that then all pressures are taken of her, and she can be aggressive (on court) and bold and honest (off court). I started my blog after I read that book, and I had identified with her, so I could not but call myself uglygirl.


L>T said...

I thot you probably(sp. every time I spell probably I have to look it up, argh.)I thot you really did hate some feature about your-self. I am so glad to hear otherwise. I always feel badly when young people have problems w/ their own looks. My handsome son has always had very pretty girlfriends & it is amazing to me how they can find the tiniest flaw in themselves to be unhappy about.
You see how I put in that my son is handsome? Ha, ha, can't help it. That's the mother in me coming out.

mizfit said...

i agree with that u mention the book n the character, i think the name perfectly fits u. i am glad its not abt ur looks.

beas hyphasis said...

Guess wat - I used to think I am ugly, coz I have not had a boyfriend ever, so I used to think there must be something wrong with the way I look. I am fat but my height kind of covers it, so i end up looking BIG around all my other friends, there were various insecurities i used to have about my looks, but I have discovered something after coming over here, the day I am feeling good about myself, I am feeling sexy, is the day I AM sexy , thinnner and good looking to others too. My walk changes, i dont slouch, i hold my head up high and get compliments. I am beautiful that day. SO I guess its all a concept of the mind, the physical relaities cant be done away with but they are alleviated to a great extent. BY the way i am dark too!