Monday, October 24, 2005

I kinda liked this post

"Do dark women find it difficult to find suitable grooms? Would you have to pay a hefty dowry to get your dark daughter married? Zee TV believes so. Their new soap Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar is a story of a dark girl named Saloni who gets rejected by every potential groom in the arranged marriage set-up. Just because she is dark. No hold on for a second, she can get married, provided she pays a dowry of a whooping 25 lakh Rupees.

In a country with a pre dominantly dark skinned population, white skin is a craze. No wonder skin-lightening products like Hindustan Lever Limited's Fair & Lovely can pull of attrocious commercials of a dark girl not getting a job or a groom, until she discovers (hold your breath) Fair & Lovely! Her skin becomes lighter, she looks more beautiful and lands up with her dream-guy or dream-job!

We are living in a time where the media creates values and does not reflect them. We know that the dark equals not pretty equation has long since changed. Saat Phere needs to be done away with. Soon."

Since i am dark by indian standards, i shall come up with a personal point of view soon.
P.S i actually tried wathcing this soap, but was set in this feudal, space i couldnot relate to.

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jm said...

what you are talking about is a very interesting point. it is unfortunate that even educated people in india think this way.