Saturday, October 22, 2005

Check out this blog. It���s my classmate Charmian���s.
The girl in ���the minutes��� with the seemingly inane question is me.
I have some things to say about that class too, but have not the time.
Have modern Indian art at 3. Finished assignment, but shoddy work, who cares though, I hate rasna. (Rasna is the lecturer)


L>T said...

Wow! you girls are really smart. I feel like a hillbilly, Ha, Ha. Loved your friends blog it was very interesting to look at. I feel as if i know you better even if it was not you. Of course in the U.S. we also have social problems having to do w/class. One thing I would say is Ideals are for the young & realism should be for the more mature who have the benifit of hindsight. Niether(sp) is more important then the other, it is being honest w/your self that counts, always. As far as how each person can live the life they would like, well, there are always obstacles to that. Some times envolving sacrifice. This is where wisdom is a benifit. As far as realizing the need to treat other people better. This is maturity. Maybe where idealism bears fruit.
Oh, gosh, I didn't realize I was talking so much. Come visit soon

uglygirl said...

do you have an email account you check regularily? give me only if you dont mind. mine is