Wednesday, October 19, 2005

to a little misfit

I started writing this poemlet last night but completed it in class today(during a presentation on 'my fair lady'. good but as after lunch i slept through most of it. My classmate Charmian's feminist reading of the film was wonderful.)

four wooden walls,
two swivelling chairs,
two eager bodies,

one guilty memeory.

one crowded classroom,
two distracted girls,
two beating hearts
one age-old desire

two women now,
in two far-offcities,
spend this one night,
million miles and memories


L>T said...

Beverly hillbillys are hollywood stereo-types. I think they are supposed to come from the state of Oklahoma. That would make them 'Okies'. My referance to being a hillbilly is our lifestyle.(we live in a rural setting in the state of Oregon and are middle class. my husband and son hunt for our meat and fish and we dig for shellfish and trap crab in the ocean.) this is by choice not need. I will think of more ways to show you what I mean.

mizfit said...

OMG!!!i felt as if i was back in the class with u. that english literature class, that strange sexual energy btw us...damn! i shall b spending the rest of the day thinking abt it.

mizfit said...

i am very touched n i wanted u to know, that my office work remains pending since i am so distracted. he!he!he! sorry, naughty thoughts just popped up ;)