Monday, October 31, 2005

last night

I was trying to search CIEFL and my house through Google World, and for me, the closer I got the more blurred everything got. My friend who was on the phone with me could see CIEFL really clearly and was like if he goes to the terrace, one would probably be able to see him too. Ugh! My sis probably did not download the software properly on our comp. anyway, I was thinking last night, how easy it is for me to get high on people. Forever, I���ve like stayed awake and spoken on the phone for like hours, like the whole night and ended up doing the silliest things, cos I feel so close to that person and the lack of sleep gets to me, and I get really light-headed, and say things like ���I love you���, irrespective of the sex. My previous relationship was actually the outcome of one such all-night conversation. The relationship before that too happened cos I was on the phone and was feeling restless and crazy and really affectionate for the person I was talking to.
Last night I was online with this classmate of mine and we chatted for like 6 hours (or so) at a stretch and by the 4th hour I was like ���I love you��� as usual. I kept pointing out how we were flirting, and it was so interesting to me, cos we were flirting, and during the day, she and I would never speak that way, but the guise of night was making me(and her) engage in this weird (superficial? ) talk. We did not theorize or over-analyze but just were um... almost juvenile. And it was really nice. The heady feeling of getting to know somebody (however much) during the night when most others are asleep is quite um��� intoxicating.
The other thing was that I think we spoke for as long as we did cos 1) we were practically new people to each other 2) halfway through we (or at least me) realised that (however subconsciously) we both were capable of being attracted to women 3) that after all we were 2 girls (Not that 2 boys don���t) and we gossiped and bitched about people and I actually felt good about that session (I got some things off my chest���.aaaaaah!)


L>T said...

Ugly Girl, you have a natural talent for warmth & conversation. This is why we love you so much. You are a person who makes others feel at ease.

serendipiduous said...

is that how u introduce me "a friend ", hmmmmph how uncermonious... makes me feel like an inconsequential lil fella who u call only when u have google earth navigational probs... so unfair!!!!

uglygirl said...

did not want to mention anything more than that, as anonymity i think should be preserved, but well! will have a whole post on u. just you wait.