Monday, October 24, 2005

Indian Goddess

Kajol........If ever I had a muse she was it.the most versatile actress to hit the indian film screen,and i believe all screen world-wide.
I love her, and she is dark too. Dark, And kinda heavy, but that didnot stop her from capturing india, Of course fat is still knda beautiful in india.


L>T said...

What a beautiful woman. I have never thought that beauty had anything to do w/ color of skin. I think most people would agree. But, desirability(sp.) that's another matter. Look at pic. of Amy (photo) on my short Story site. Who do you think that is?

L>T said...

Cotinuing: It's the same story all over the world, I imagine.
"I'll sleep with you, but not marry you."
Heck, I've done it myself w/men.
My son does it w/women. There are women I wouldn't want him to marry. Like drug addicts or women w/ mental problems, etc. But I would not disown him if he did. But, for me, color is not an issue. I do not think he would marry some one black (& i'm sorry about this) because where we live there are not hardly any black people & he is concerned about his standing in public. He had a black girl have a crush on him once in Middle school(age 12 & 13). But, to be fair she wasn't very pretty. She wrote him notes & he was not cruel to her as far as I knew. But, he was the same to white girls that he did not find attractive.

uglygirl said...

the skin colour thing in india is not like anything to do with race. we indians originally didnot belong to the same race, but over milleniums, mingled and created a single race, the indian race, but it is still not homogeneous and people in the northern most state are the fairest(as 'fair' as you) and people in the southern most states are dark, as dark as any african-american person. features todiffe. also high caste people seem to be fairer,and low caste seem to be darker.
my sister and mom are fair, and i and my dad are dark.
but because of this divide caused by caste and region shows through in skin color, complexion is a little more than only beauty.
P.S I hope you know what caste is?

L>T said...

Is caste a social order, sorta? Please explain it to me.

mizfit said...

being a fair indian i know how the scales tip in my favour, most places in india. my younger sis, inspite of being fair (but not as fair as me), always ended up comparing herself to me and feeling bad. i have known and understood her pain for so long. no matter what my family, her friends told her, she felt that she did not fit into the indian image of fair and beautiful. ever so often the degree of beauty is measured by a shade card.

L>T said...

Girls, this whole thing just makes me mad! It is so bad that young people have to deal w/these things when they are just trying to find a place in their society. Sometimes I wish we were all one color. But, I dought that would work, because there is always something to fight about.