Sunday, October 16, 2005

Matrimony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes -part 2

I have soooooooooooo much work to do but I am just sitting in my orange room staring at the comp and looking at my friends��� blogs. So I will start from where I left of last night. My parents won���t really put any great pressure on me. Even if they do, I am those kinds who prefer making themselves happy than making their parents. Individualists, I think I am called. My dad would like me to do my Ph.D but I can���t do that right away. I am too tired by my M.A. As soon as this is over (M.A that is) I will start working and move out of home and live alone. I have told my parents this. My mom now says stuff like ���we will start looking now and by the time you want to get married we will have someone at hand.��� Of course she doesn���t know that I am terrified of MARRIAGE. I was watching ���sex and the city��� and Carrie was hyperventilating in the monstrous wedding dress and getting rashes and I was sympathizing with her and my sister was like ���what is wrong with these people, why are they always over-reacting���. May be if I loved a guy and he wanted to marry me, I would be able to think of matrimony at least. But there is no one in my life right now and I can���t visualize me with a stranger. Arranged marriages seem so SCARRRRRRY.
I fell that I would not want to marry anyone who has asked their mom to look for a girl.
And then the other thing is that I am in that phase right now where I can���t really think of a guy too enthusiastically. I need a girl right now. And I have actually been going through matrimonials going through pics of girls. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahhahaha.

My dream is to have an apartment and share it with my girlfriend and going out grocery shopping and pubbing and then throwing dinner parties every month so our friend s and we could get together and drink and smoke and��色��. You get the picture.


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Frida said...

Create your own world.
It is worth it.

P.S. A guy asking Mom for a wife is a little creepy.

Jorge said...

Mommy asking guys for marriage?,,,well I'm Mexican and Mexican mom's are kinda the same-they want to hook you up with everyone!
But you still be very young girl! Live a little,,,btw what are you doing your masters in?

mizfit said...

yaar, lets do that na? i don't want to get married to a guy i don't know. i need a friend 4 life.i am, in a way, both male n female. just like u. so lets live in together *wink*wink*.