Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Shy Girl

I am so into younger guys that it is not funny. But guys in there teens have such smooth neck, and guys younger than that, with their smooth cheeks. They probably dont know how to handle your advances, and use corny lines while flirting. aaaaaaahh! you hold their hands and they get nervous and probably really excited. isn't it so nice? so encouraging! And you can probably debate them under he table, and intimidate them. I repeat, aaaaaahh!

This afternon i was talking to a friend of mine and realised, that even she realises that i am so less of a risk taker, when it comes to anything close to dealing with the opposite sex, or even the same sex for that matter. I get extremely infatuated and then, stand againest the wall, and watch them pass, and sometimes turn nasty and try to intimidate(that's with the guys). WHY Oh WHY?
I just can not aproach people i am attracted to. Girls, AAAAAAAAAGH! I stay far away and make puppy eyes. the woman in question, will then look dirctly into my eys and say, "Hi", and i freeze. This woman i am crazy about wears saree every other day and i just stare and stare, till she says, indulgently, "hullo". Then i turn away quick, completely embarrassed and in love.
That is why i like younger people, they are much easy to handle, and one feels will not know your intentions till you dont specify.

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