Friday, October 07, 2005

My Vision in Red

Sometime last month, I went out on ���ladies night��� to a local club. We were 3 girls and a guy. I was openly and definitely bisexual; the other two were going out with men, but were attracted to some girls. Actually to one girl in particular. Let���s call my friends A and B and my guy friend C. It was a great evening. I was there from 7 to 12. Anyway���. We girls decided to act lesbians and started touching each other, and dancing very provocatively. I know we shocked some girls, that night. Guys? Well we weren���t looking at any that day. There I saw a vision. A pretty, fair girl was dancing like the spirit was upon her. She was just perfectly plum, Juicy as a plum. She was wearing a red short tight tee, and cream capris. She had a red bag, and she was carrying it so that the strap was perfectly between her breasts, jutting them out further. AAAAAAAAH! Am I being indecent? Anyway. She was dancing on every song. In the end she danced on ���kajrare, kajrare���. And the 4 of us, 3 girls and a guy were mesmerized. I was soooo horny. I was hopping about; I so could not control myself. I would have done something stupid. In the end I got to touch her. She had sat down for a while. She probably was exhausted. I went to her, put my arms around her and whispered in her ears, ���You are the hottest woman around���. She looked at me, surprised and smiled. And said ���thank you���.

For days, afterwards, we friends couldnot get her out of our mind. We would start humming ���kajrare��妄ajrare���, every now and then.

���Girl, wherever you are, I still think of you.���


Solan said...

hummm. am i to share what you say, or am to believe that it was just you included me because you had to. perhaps thats how ts to be between both of us, to know and yet not reconize what we know...
i guess u have guessed its me!

mizfit said...

well, i guess i am too a lot like u. all talks but when the time 4 action comes, i fizzle out. but i guess, u already know that. remember the bathroom scene at Minerva? ;)