Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sex in India

I was in the 6th standard and had recently moved to Hyderabad. I had become a popular new girl, for many reasons, one being that I was from Bombay, second, I spoke to boys mostly and third I was the tallest in the class(boys girls whatever) and looked like a woman (a voluptuous woman at that). There were other reasons too perhaps. Once, I told the girl I sat next to that ���I won���t marry, I will only Romance���. By Romance I meant being with men and kissing and sex (I knew then that happened in the nude but exact mechanics I knew only a year later at the age of 12). So anyway, this friend told this to the guy sitting behind us and at the bell; he announced this to the whole class. There was a whole lot of scandalized murmur. ���You���ll toh keep doing romance��� started being said to me quite often. I did not mind this but was surprised at this reaction.
But Hyderabad was a more conservative society whereas in Bombay, I had this group of friends with whom I discussed sex, on a one-to-one basis. From then on I was called the ���frank, open, daring, boy crazy��� even ���cheap���. Most of my friends wanted me to change because I used to be thought of like this by the boys and sometimes even by the teachers.
I still remained popular and had loyal friends and later loyal boy friends, and cos of this I always felt I could take on the world.

Some statistics:

According to the survey, Indians have sex at an average of 78 times a year which is more than the Chinese but less than the Americans and the Britons. However, most Indians (77%) have only one sexual partner reducing the risk of infection. Authorities at the TTK group, the manufacturers of Durex condoms suggest that though more Indians are now aware of AIDS, its risks and its prevention, only about 15% people bother using condoms during casual sex.
Quality sex education is still lacking in most schools since almost 40% Indian respondents said that they did not learn about sex in the classroom. Medical professionals, friends and visual media remain the foremost sources of information. Parents are not seen as potential sources of sex information by Indians. There are regional differences in the attitude to sex and thus the risk of infection, according to the survey. Indians living in the Eastern part are more conservative and have their first sexual encounter at a later age than South Indians. (I don���t know if this is ���correct��� or just bigotry) The prevailing attitude to premarital and extra-marital sex in India is (you mean was?) also a saving grace in terms of the risk of infection. Indians traditionally have single sexual partners and thus were believed to be at a lower risk of HIV infection. With changing values and changing lifestyles, the risk has increased. (Kind of a dubious article and discriminatory too, huh? Found on Google)

That homosexuality is still a criminal offence under section 377 of the Indian penal code is a sad reality. Even very educated Indians, say professors say things like, ���"In Western countries, AIDS primarily spreads among homosexuals. Of course, in our country, we don't have any homosexuals." And that there is no such thing as homosexuality and that it was an American invention.


L>T said...

Wow! great information. i bet It's very hard to know that educated people in your country would say that there is no homosexuals. Some people would like to say that here, also. I might be going out on a limb here, but I think our political system where one side is always accusing the other of being bigoted, helps the cause of minority groups like homosexuals, because the other side will defend the minority for votes. Do you understand this? No matter what you might hear about american politics we have a two party system that fights w/each other and it seems the goal is to make the other look bad for votes. But, i suppose If homosexuality was illegal, they couldn't vote anyway.

uglygirl said...

in our political system too one side is always accusing the other of being bigoted, seemingly helping the minority but religious and economic minority. sexuality is not discussed except in the bedrooms of closeted homosexuals, and perhaps the living room of the modern urban youth. government doesn't recognise sexuality, and if one is found being 'indecent' in the open, one can be arrested under article 377 of the penal code. of course even straight couples are not allowed to be affectionate in the public.
but the police(higher authorities) say that they see to it that homosexuals are not harrassed too much and 377 is being used in name only.
It is easier for lesbians of course! why? will post the article 377 for you to see.