Monday, October 17, 2005

Religion? what religion?

My dad is in Germany now. There is a direct flight from Hyderabad. Is that not cool. hyd is no longer a small city. Mom is busy cooking food for god today. laxmi puja today. She does this every year. goddess of wealth and of education, she needs to worship. I was wondering, do i believe in god? it is so interesting that in hinduism one doesn't have to believe in god to follow the religion. disbelievers aren't heretics. good!! i am not atheist, though i dont follow or believe in religion. and i am not a casteist either, nor am regionalist, but am a feminist.......haahaha.


Emily Santiago said...

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L>T said...

I belive you are agnostic like me. Agnostics' have trouble with the concept of belief. Think about it. It takes nothing to belive in something that is not physically tangible. Beliving in something does not make it real. Beliving in a religion is no different than beliving in U.F.O.s. Just because you belive in it, is it a concrete truth? Come and visit me at my site & see what american hillbillys are really like & that's the truth!