Tuesday, April 11, 2006

written by poet at 15-16

jokhom chhilaam chhoto,
proti raate dekhtaam janalar baire
amaar moton chhotto ekti tara
miti miti kore haashto she
aamai bhalobashto she
onek kotha hoto taar shathe,

hae shei tarar shaathe proti raat e
onek bochhor kete gaechhe
onek kichhu bodle gaechhe
onek din janalar baire takaini
tobe aaj raate dekhi
ammar bondhu ekhono achhe
she i ekla mehgtar tthik paashe,

tobe she amaar paane cheye
kotha bollo naa ektu o
onek kichhu bodle gechhe
taar bhaasha ki paalte gechhe?
boro hoye gechhe taar chhotto meye.

roughly translates to:

when i was young,
enery night i would look out of the window,
and see a star as young as me,
she would smile at me (though in bangla the gender need not be specified)
she would love me,
and we would talk through the night.

and now many years have passed
and many things have changed,
and i haven't looked out the window for long.
but tonoght i see she is still there,
right next to the lonely cloud,
but she doesn't talk to
she doesn't look atme.
many years have passed,
many things have changed,
or is it just tha,
her little girl has grown up.


arunima said...

such a poignanat piece!
it made me want to weep...and also wonder are all these changes necessary? did u and I ever desire them?and are we better off now than we were then, jokhon tara gulo amader sathe kotha bolto, jokhon bhootera amader bhoy dekhato, jokhon aamra classe boshe daydream kortam....ignore please, i9f i sound too maudlin

L>T said...

A very lovely poem. As arunima says, Poignant. :)

medusa said...

i dint know u wrote in bangla also

mizfit said...

was this really written by u?? ::amazed:: if yes, iOH! i love u soo much. if no, well, u have good taste of poetry :)

uglygirl said...

mizfit maa, why doya think it is not me? do i ever usurp other ppl's poems without acknowledging??? :( :( *hurt ego*

thank you arunima and l>t:
but i am 23 now and more ready to face world and changes than i was then.....so 'real world' here i come.

medusah: i have only 2 poems written in banglaa.

mizfit said...

er...didn't mean to hurt ya babe. u know me na? i was just wondering. gr8 poem!

hutumthumo said...

15-16-e eta namaiye dillen? aari baas!