Thursday, April 13, 2006

once out of this blog world.

after living in solitude for a hundred years,
this free free world
intoxicates me into
utter deviance.
we forget that happiness
is not free,
and a price has to be paid,
for months
of careless love,
of impure love,
of deformed love,
of croocked love,
a hundred lashes - they declare,
or another hundred years of solitude.


katz said...

i dont quite agree with u..u def aint the unluckiest :)

well atleast we know how hard it gets to just let go...unfortunately i'm not able to move on...

i've learnt that there are loads of ppl in this world...its just upto us to give them a chance...

i'm sure u'd find the right one sooner or later :) as far as i'm concerned, every girl is gonna remind me of her

mizfit said...

eeps! a 100 lashes for our deviant love? and if we agree to part, a hundred yrs of solitude! we r not getting good options here, hai na?

L>T said...

100 lashes w/a wet noodle. No big deal.

A hundred years of solitude for 1 mth. of pleasure, it better be worth it. :)

closetalk said...

hey. beautiful poem. even prettier, was the post on ure sis. *awwww*
all de best to u n S.

monsoongirl said...