Wednesday, April 19, 2006

girls like me....

since this is a secret world,
for girls like me,
dont talk about all this.
but since this is a secret world.
and girls like me,
can put on paper,
our stories.
stories about
golden legs,
pink limbs,
dotted with those black dots,
quivering fingers,
dilated pupils,
and that white back
as canvas for my teeth.
stories about women,
many and few,
here and there.
and how they feel for me,
and how they feel me,
and of how i make them feel.
usually we dont talk about all this,
but since this is a secret place,
and girls like me....


mizfit said...

remembering how i sunk my teeth on ur chocolate back....ahem...

mizfit said...

er...change that to "sank my teeth". blood rushing to the groin caused temporary brain malfunction ;P

Rajat Srivastava said...

wow great girl