Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sometimes uglygirl can’t handle her life
But then we can ask,
What life?
Its silly, ugly girl,
It’s all silly.
It’s her problem uglygirl,
Just her.
Ask her to back off,
They say.
As if that’s easy.
As if an uglygirl can
Not get involved.
But I am involved,
Uglygirl says,
So tell,
Uglygirl says,
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me.
But it’s so easy to switch off a computer, I say.

And now she sits and cries,
Not in front of the mirror uglygirl, I say.
Uglygirl cries ugly, says uglygirl.


serendipiduous said...

tell me...

uglygirl said...

want to delete poem now

serendipiduous said...

but why ???its beautiful....

Solan said...

guess don want me to read it.
anyways now that i ve.

still upset?