Wednesday, April 19, 2006

just me this time.

reaalise i never blog just like that, telling ppl what i have been upto.
i had an exam today. for 2 hours i struggled to write 10sides. and believe me i have huge hand-writing.
i felt stupid, then felt better thinking....oh well! then i cant help it.
went to admin block to sort out a lot of mess. i hate going alone, so this time i was glad seren was in same shit as me.
have not taken passport sized photograph in long long time.
my sis was acting out, how i usually pose for one.
eyes wide open,
slight pout.
nose pulled in at the sides.
i think she is right.
but thats the only way i know not to blink guys!

solan seren and i went for lunch,
veg buffet.

ok ok.

but it was fun outing each other and self to the other patrons.
" what you like your brother"

"yes! i like women".....scream at top of lungs.


and guess what....after all the entertaining, and 2 scoops of ice-cream, we left(ran rather) with Rs 0 tip.

*guilty grin*


mizfit said...

one must never 4get masti even after struggling in an exam. thats how one must live!!!

L>T said...

just came to visit.
Going out & acting silly is a good way to relieve stress after a hard day. sounds like fun. :)

medusa said...

be glad that u dint leave any tip. after all it was a buffet and u dint get any service right?

arunima said...

aioo! what do u need to leave a tip for? i never do and for self-consolation, say to myself, ' m a student, how can i leave a tip?'....try doing the same,maam.

uglygirl said...

yeah we the time "this is not my money to spend..." thingie.