Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sisters are no surprise at all sometimes.

This has taken long a time coming.
This piece is difficult to write
Feels me with discomfort.
Unlike many other siblings,
My sis and I are not all too comfortable being nice to each other.
We get embarrassed.
Hell! She could not call me didi cos it was too embarrassing for her…so Piya it is.
So why am I writing this about her.I don’t know if I want to,
She did not give me a samosa I really wanted.

But I am being the bigger person (elder sister)
And writing this for her anyway.

Ever since she learnt to keep her mouth shut,
She has been a cool sis and all.
She knows I smoke but doesnot tell mom.
She knows enough about me to blackmail,
But never really tries.
(well ofcourse! I know I lot about her too…ha ha ha ha ha ha *devilish laugh*)

But this post is about sisters.
My sis.
She was so cool when I came out to her
(Not that she hadn’t known anything but I am so manipulative,
I made all those girls sound like they were chasing me with a shovel)
Her reaction was “but piya, will you never get married? Then how will I flirt with my jijaji’s brother” (a long cherished dream of her….dont ask me why)

So I was a little apprehensive when I told her about S.
But she was really excited and curious.
Her sweetest statement was, ”haa? She is coming? Don’t worry you guys can stay in the room I will sleep somewhere else. Just don’t be too loud” ahem.

Since this is about sisters I cannot but talk about S’sis.
FASIONSIS and SCIENCIS, S and I went out for lunch and stuff,
And it was wonderful to see S and my sister talking and teasing each other.
And S’s sis confiding in me about her boyfriend.

I don’t know how my mom is going to react and all you know?
So it was gratifying (?) to see family with me.

Well many might say, well what did you expect?
but it meant so much to see these 2 people,
so away from the gay world,
being so ok with the gay world brought close to them.

Sisters can surprise you when you least expect.
That’s the primary function of a sister I guess.

But thank you both
For being this time around,
Just what we had in our heart
Thought you were.

So good
So nice

Here’s to nice sisters.


pom said...

sniff sniff...blush blush....bhaaaaaaaaa....i am touched...n u r welcome for all the well kept secrets!!!!

pom said...

but i must say...that im sure even mom knows...hee hee hee hahahaha...i didnt tell her...she just knows by looking at u...haahaahahahaha

mizfit said...

hmmm...justice has not been served yet. our sisters deserve a better post. don't u think so?

Solan said...

don mind but this one looks like a burden off ur shoulder.