Saturday, April 08, 2006

the pic is of the cyber gateway where microsoft, Dell etc are housed in Hyderabad. I love the building so...

I was reading THE HINDU this morning, like every other morning.
No it is not a Hindu fundamentalist manifesto.
It is a news paper.
The only one I can read.
I would like to says, that’s cos THE HINDU is not biased,
But then may be I am.
Things I read today (some of the things)

It was 40’C yesterday and perhaps 41’C today………pant pant!!

Dan brown won case. Yippee!! Long live ccp….kiddin…I swear ccp is a bad thing.

Suicide bombers blow up in a mosque in Baghdad. I think Baghdad….is it? Should I go check? Naah.

Libby points finger at bush about the leak of classified info about Iraq having wmd. Why why why bother? Bush will soon turn America into a mini Iraq.

Sex ratio in city (hyd) 1014females to 1000 males…..or was it 1141 females to 1000 males, whichever way…good news.

Ziya us salam says ‘banares’ has been made for the NRI (or foreigners who think of India as this exotic religious spiritual place) audience.

Salman khan’s saawan is good timepass but forgettable (ZUS being a salman kahn fan)

A pretty pic of arundhati roy dancing with other protesters at jantar mantar, medha pathkar saying that she is used to heat and it wont bother her. International writers and activists urge Indian govt to take medha seriously.

The pro Narmada protestors also taking to Delhi streets.

Some nice pic of Dhoni (for a change).

Recipe for motorshuti kochori (peas kachori), but the pic was of khhaasta kochuri.


serendipiduous said...

funny how e both mention the jantar manatr in our respective posts today...

uglygirl said...


pom said...

hey...nice post but he sad part is that tomo's post will be containing the reservation seats for the bc/st which is ok...but 49.5???isnt that too much of a political startegy???i am soooo bugged thinking of it!!!!anyway,nice to see that u read the newspaper after getting up at 12 in the afternoon

pom said...

the "he" was supposed to be the n startegy was strategy...n i gues it should have been consisting of instead of

L>T said...

Ug, thanks for you comments on my blog. I really want to hear diff. points of veiw & you do have one!

Also, the spin on the Hindu not being biased. It's a good one. Can a person convert to Hinduism?

I'm thinking about converting & running for political office on the non-biased Hindu ticket.

uglygirl said...

only the newspaper called THE HINDU is perhaps unbiased.

only if any religion could be, unbiased.

things would have been much easier.

medusa said...

pom, how much is too much?

Vj said...
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Vj said...

41 deg. celisus is really hot but Delhi is giving stiff competition. we are 39,well almost. Nice post

Solan said...

yah Pom how much is too much?

Sol said...

~uglygirl~ "Sex ratio in city.."
good math u got there ;)

actually, doesn't Hinduism allow *relatively* more leeway in methods of worship?

uglygirl said...

in the sense i can still be indu and thriving without having read a line of the gita or any other religious/spiriyual text. i am hindu even if i say i am not, because i was born to hindu parents and have had you know, ceremonies, when i die i will be cremated...all this makes me a hindu even if i dont ever step into a temple. this way hinduism gives more leeway, but i feel living in india, within a hindu household, i cant help but be hindu, even if i dont feel like it!

the concept of the many god thing is kinda freeing though.

Sol said...

uglygirl ~ polytheism was always more freedom-friendly.

lol here i am, advocating it almost..yeah grab some pamphlets & help me j/k

mebbe u need to travel, see the world. be there wanderlust in ur heart? ::grins::

cremation..look on da bright side. at least you don't come back a vampire!!

incognito said...

~solan n medusa: hey.. this is just ridiculous.. what do u mean by how much is too much?! if the government has to do something, then why doesnt it increase the standard of the govt. schools(that is where majority of the BC's and ST's get their primary education).
Most of the BC's and ST's lack proper education and by increasing the quota the govt. is killing the growth of the indian students who are more qualified in terms of lateral thinking and comm. skills

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