Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ugly Girl

i am back online. so yes i had stopped being online and now i am BACK!
The blog problem, i dont know what happened, but soo i was not able to go
online even and all because a lil wire had come loose, and even the landline was not working. i was playing with my dog and it suddenly hit check all the
wires and realised that the wire had come loose. i fixed it and voila.......Am Back.....


L>T said...

It feels good to be able to fix it yourself, eh?

You never talk to me anymore. well come look at the pictures on my 'World of L.tart' site, anyway.

Blogging gets very busy as we make new friends, all the time. :)

Sol said...

iz that ur goldfish?

marcy_peanut said...

I have spent so much of my time in the house these past 7 months, I am beginning to feel like that fish!!

There is somewhere in the world that wants to ban little goldfish bowls because they are inhumane to the little fishies (I trust that they are talking of bowls that are a bit larger than the one in your photo!)

My brother had a fish that he kept in a pickle jar. He didn't last very long.