Monday, February 13, 2006

“It is not that I don’t like men, cos I doooo…….”

But men don’t like me anymore cos they have found me out.
Men, straight men know that sometimes I am staring at their naked body and not really admiring it but fervently wishing it was my body.
I like certain body parts (male) so much more than other women friends of mine and I always wondered why! Now I know. I am wishing I had it. A bad case of envy and I feel sick (kind of) to say (or in this case write) it aloud but aaaaaaagh! There it’s out.
I am generally trying to out-guy a man and can totally understand why that might be repulsive.


Sol said...

~ uglygirl ~ im not repulsed.

i admire a guy's physique and aspire to be like him too

..wheres the problem in that??

i fail to see the difficulty, but can understand if the narrow-minded world we live in chooses to judge you for it

..screw them. worry bout' the important things instead!! heh

L>T said...

Well, there you go. Out with it.

Personally, i think of you like a daughter & I don't give a hoot about you sexual preferences. I just want you to be happy. :)

That cartoon, tho. A bit shocking in any language.

L>T said...

BTW, Happy blogentine to U!!!

dreamyeyes said...

UG> I am trying to understand what you told me the other day, and to some extent I understand it, but not completely.
By the way now i know why you liked david's hands.

mizfit said...

didn't we spend hours and nights over the phone talking about good old p envy? nothing has changed so far. we are stuck for the next few decades like this.

L>T said...

U.G. remember when you had all that dead space on your blog? I'm having that trouble. How did you fix it?

L>T said...

Tis O.K. I figured it out. :)

TransMission said...

hello stranger ;)