Monday, February 13, 2006

Just for a friend of mine:
I am not confused really. "She knows she is a bisexual; she cut off her lovely hair and dresses like a man now, confusion is all that she has."
I of course dint cut my hair cos I am bi, that’s just silly but in a way to not look too feminine and get rid of the pressure to look nice. And have I not almost always dressed guyish. This had nothing to do with sexuality but all with gender. You being ultra feminine and sooooo straight might not understand that. And that’s ok really. So chill


Sol said...

dress how u feel like dressing, eh?

glad 2 know yer okay..didnt know it was you Dreamyeyes mentioned @ her blog! ;)

dreamyeyes said...

sol> well these days it doesn't work to not mention the friend's name cause she lets you out on her blog.
UG> what I wrote was because I was in such a state of distress cause I couldn't understand anything you said, rather relate to anything you said, which meant I can't help you and therefore it bothered me to an extent that I had to write about it.
he he he

mizfit said...

ask me abt ot! i am look so feminine and yet the story is so different altogether. i too dress as i like and thats what matters.

Sol said...

Mizfit ~ u high on somethin'? j/k