Sunday, February 19, 2006


Eyes like december
Fascinate me yet;
Eyes that can't remember
What I cannot forget.

Hands like december
Cool my fevered brow,
Kill this passion's ember
Forever here and now.

Lips like december,
Frozen and forbidden.
Whispers cut and withered,
In death's silence hidden.

Flesh like december,
Once bright and warm,
Now a languid cinder,
Lifeless evermore.

Heart like december;
Blood of bitter snow
And I the sick pretender
Unable to let go.

the poem is not mine and right now i forget whose, but definitely found it on an FtM website


Nupur said...

no m not from lko......hmmmm......str8 n i have a bf...

uglygirl said...

i am sorry but had i asked you if you were straight or not?
sorry had not realised i had.
thanks much for info tho.