Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lament of an Ugly Girl

as i watch your face
through the fire
that burns between us.
i pray i get over you
before the fire touches me,
for beauty till now did not affect me
and now that i stare at you
i am aware
i am aware
that i could have looked away
had you looked like me.


Sol said...

uglygirl ~ i stared at someone i like 2day, when she looked back, i couldn't tear my eyes away..

White Lily Petals said...

hiya hows life thr..hey date is fixed all most 26th nov..u know what date is ready to come to kol then..and really wanna be hyd..lets see if i can manage

Solan said...

hey that has touches which only people whom you love and who cannot respond share.

marcy_peanut said...

you could have looked away if she had looked at you...but she never gave you the chance, huh?

That's sad...