Tuesday, February 28, 2006

in the moments of melancholy

i lie
as if dead
on my bed
dead on
my bed,
dead spread on my bed.

and this
on my
blue bedspread.
looks cold.

a cold
blue death
on a blue bedspread
my orange room.

and i open my eyes.


mizfit said...

death is not an enemy it once was...a quote that makes a lot more sense to me now than it did before.

dreamyeyes said...

don't get so worked up please. think about that girl who use to feel so excited that her room got re painted and try finding happiness in smaller details of life compared to the huge problems in life.

Solan said...

humm...do I recognize that line ...

uglygirl said...

i am just going back(or forth)in my psyche. i probably am not melancholic really. or perhaps i always am.

Sol said...

Mizfit ~ another quote 2 borrow!!

uglygirl ~ if there weren't so many names vying to be mine middle one, melancholy would be it too.

uglygirl said...

hahahah it is unny cos the quote i borrowed from solan, mizfit borrowed fromme.

solan i acknowledge your special relationship with death.