Friday, May 19, 2006

a taste of life of chocolate

And they say it’s a bad thing,
You’ll stray! They say.
Once you‘ve tasted
Chocolate topped with raisins,
In a bed of butter.
You will get off your diet.
They say.
But what’s life without beauty?
I ask.
What’s life without cheating the diet?
I ask.
What’s life without straying away from the straight path?
I ask.
What’s life without a nibble?
What’s life without a bite?
I ask.
What’s life without chocolate?
(picture by the author herself)


L>T said...

Poem & picture are very erotic. nice!

mizfit said...

AHA!!!Caught ya!avoid da fruits...thats all ;)

anna-rchy said...

very cool.. like i scrapped for you on orkut... QUIT signing as uglygirl. not happening. :)

Anonymous said...

picture is as beautiful as what i saw yesterday. yummy!

dun bite the chocolate too hard though. i believe u do it ;-)

medusa said...

very suggestive the comments r....

uglygirl said...

i know.
wanted to delete but dint know how to toh!

Ananya said...

sadharanoto pratyekta comment-er
niche ekta chotto link thake jeta dekhte bin -er moto.ota te click korlei kaaj hobar katha.