Sunday, May 28, 2006

of brides and betel leaves.

I wanted to post a pic of my pretty cousin (one of my pretty cousins) to show that not all girls in my family are... you know......UGs.
but instead i chose this pic wherein if not pretty she is definitely looking the quintessential bengali bride (except i dunno if they smile or even laugh so widely)
In this pic we, her innumerable cousins were trying to teach her the right way of holding the betel leaf.

ooooof we bengalis.


L>T said...

wow! i can see she is beautiful. I love the colors.

mizfit said...

don't make posts like this. it makes me wanna marry just to see if i wud look as gud as her. :P

L>T said...

the beautiful wedding only lasts a day. the marrige drags on & on.

Sol said...

Mizfit ~ u r a scream as usual.

uglygirl ~ puh-lease. me wonder why u keep downplayin' yerself..

l>t ~ are all marriages that way?? ;)

L>T said...

I don't know if they all arebut, I was speaking in reference to the wedding ceremony being one day, then real life goes on & on.