Wednesday, May 24, 2006

here's to women and here's to hoping i wasn't one.

I Can't Be Around Her
I've only to look at her

Or brush my hand against her hand
And this thing between my thighs
Starts to instantly expand.

I can't be around her
Without longing to touch her,
Without longing to hold her
Without longing to screw.
I can't be around her
Without longing to feel her,
Without longing to kiss her---
What the hell can I do?

I think of maggots in the mud,
I think of termites in the wood,
I think of gore and slime and blood,
But it does no good.

I can't be around her
Without longing to grab her,
Without longing to crush her,
Without brimming with lust;
I can't be around her
Without longing to lick her,
Without longing to eat her---
Any moment I'll bust!
Any moment I'll bust.


uglygirl said...



Solan said...

i was bout to ask u who wrote this? miss you sweetie

Anonymous said...

God! Kill d guy who gave u that impression. He totally deserves it.
Not all guys r like that. So, keep looking n kunal kapoor might land in ur lap.

Dedicating 'She's always a woman to me' by Billy Joel for ur womanhood.

Sol said...

kay, was just wonderin who wrote it...

Morpheus said...

that was intense as hell...Though it was pretty clear u didn't write it..but intense all the same

WnG said...

my first comment on ur blog. that was a strong poem even it it wasnt urs. is sex the the only thing on a guy's mind? or are they just as steroetyped as women are into the sex symbols? but then no guy would admit, so its hard to draw conclusions. btw, i did read about that indignant anon who thinks his (sounds like a guy, excuse the bias) dignity is at stake ;)