Friday, May 26, 2006

of 10 days in google.

what did i learn?

1) if you like food, you cannot stay fit at google.
2) i like pringles
my favourite till now is
sour cream and salt & vinegar.
3) smokers are sooooo
discriminated againest :(

and much much more.....but only if you are interested in
something called

the most important
thing was of course that,
the ball is the most comfortable
thing to sit on, and that there is dearth of the green ball (atleast on our floor)

he he.


Circe Malaprop said...

ha ha..dont worry..lets go green ball hunting on monday:)

Morpheus said...

Most of your posts, both photos and articles deal a lot with sexuality, female empowerment and then some satirical views on the same....

I like women as well...I think they are the best ;)...Jokes apart, it was really nice reading ur views..different and slightly radical...


L>T said...

hey my lusty friend! come over & play games at my blog.